The Learning Development Department

The Learning Development Department was introduced in 1992 for children with severe learning difficulties and impairments in perception and concentration. Pupils are taught in small groups, sometimes even on two different class levels. After successfully completing the 9 th grade pupils can obtain a school leaving certificate (Lernförderabschluss) or they can decide to stay at the school for another year to obtain a school leaving certificate which is similar to the “Hauptschulabschluss”.

The aims of our school are to maximize the pupils' personal autonomy and independence, as well as preparing them for adult life. Learning in various projects and the preparation of our pupils in a number of work experience measures is part of everyday school life.

Biology lessons can be so much more fun! Here are some pictures from our "Potato Project".
We also participated in the "Wald- Jugendspiele" with great success.
Once a year, the Learning Development Department is organizing a day trip. Here we are in the museum "Lohmühle".
Christmas is so exciting! Here we have our little X-mas party.

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