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Erfurt is a very old town which dates back to the 8th century. Located at the intersection of old trading routes and thanks to the plant “dyer's woad”, which grew around Erfurt in huge amounts, Erfurt soon began to flourish. In 1392 a university was established. Its most famous student was probably the church reformer Martin Luther, who later entered the famous Augustinian monastery as a novice in 1505.

Augustinian Monastery


Nowadays, Erfurt is the state capital of Thuringia. With its well preserved medieval town centre and its plenty half-timbered houses it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Erfurt is probably most famous for its magnificent Cathedral, for the Christmas market at the Cathedral, for the gardening exhibition “EGA”, and for the “Krämerbrücke”, the only bridge north of the Alps that has (32 half timbered) houses on it. Erfurt also has plenty of theatres, cabarets and an opera. No matter at what time of the year you come to visit Erfurt, there are always plenty of things to do here. Throughout the year, a lot of festivals take place in Erfurt.

the Cathedral and the church St. Severi - climb up the steps for a magnificent view
the Chrismas market - one of the best in Germany
the permanent gardening exhibition EGA
the Krämerbrücke - a nice place to relax


For those, who want to see more of Thuringia, there are many other famous towns and places nearby.



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