About us

Our school offers education for physically disabled children within a well equipped and supportive environment. Since its foundation in 1958 it has developed a lot and nowadays the school accommodates a nursery school (Kindergarten), a primary school and a secondary school as well as a learning development department for children with learning difficulties. It is designed as a whole-day school and offers a wide range of therapies and extra-curricular activities. About 200 pupils from Erfurt and its surroundings attend our school. We also have a boarding school as some of our pupils live further away so that they cannot commute every day.

The deputy headteacher and the headmistress of the school welcome you to the tour of our school.


We are glad you stopped by to find out more about our school and hope you enjoy the rest of the visit! Stop by again or even better come and visit us! If you want to contact us, have a look at contact.

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