Primary School

Approximately 73 children learn in the primary school . Children of different abilities as well as severely disabled pupils are taught here. The lessons start at 8:00 o`clock and end at 15:15.

All necessary therapies (such as motor therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and riding therapy) as well as times for relaxation are well integrated in the school day. Furthermore, the children get the chance to do their homework in school.

Apart from that, there are many extracurricular activities in the afternoon. Everyone will find an activity that fits ones interests and aptitude. Have a look for yourself!

Games Club "Würfelchen"
Clay Fashioning Club "Tontöpfchen"
Sports Club "Hampelmännchen"

Special highlights in the school year are the talent show and the sports and games festival.

Acting is fun! See how many talented pupils we have in our school!
All the other talents are watching!

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