In our school you can take part in many different projects. Some of them are a permanent part of our school life:

Career perspectives:

Every year the school offers a project for the students of the 8th and 9th grade. The week aims at giving the pupils advice on different career perspectives. The students learn about:

•  what they can do after graduation,
•  what training opportunities they have,
•  which apprenticeships are offered,
•  what support handicapped people can get, and
•  where they can find help.

During this project the pupils visit the job centre and a vocational training centre in Erfurt and they spend two weeks doing a work experience. They learn how to write a letter of application and a c.v.

Sports project:

Since 2002 very sportive pupils can attend the sports project additional to the three sports lessons a week. They practice hard and the best get the chance to participate in regional, national and even international tournaments. Some of our school graduates have even participated in the Paralympics with great success.

“Streitschlichter” (peer mediation) project:

In every school there is quarrelling from time to time, but sometimes the quarrelling leads to conflicts. To help to avoid conflicts, we have introduced a peer mediation program at our school. Some pupils have been trained to become a mediator. They can not only help other pupils to settle an argument, but they themselves have learned how to avoid conflicts. So if two pupils have a conflict they can go to one of the mediators and ask for help. The mediator then helps them to talk about their conflict and to find a solution.

Language project:

All pupils from our school learn English as a foreign language. The pupils from the secondary school spend one week each school year to get insight into other foreign languages. This school year the pupils of grade 5 have decided to take a closer look on French.

First Aid project:

Each year all the pupils from the learning development department spend two days learning how to help in the case of accidents and illness. They not only learn about wound treatment, but also about household remedies and about how to make an emergency call.


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