Secondary School

The Secondary School lasts from the 5 th to the 10 th grade. According to the Thuringian School law three different school leaving certificates (the “Hauptschulabschluss”, the “Qualifizierender Hauptschul-abschluss” and the “Realschulabschluss”) can be obtained.

The idea of “learning with motion” plays a major role in the school concept. Therefore, lessons are structured into blocks of 2 lessons in the morning and a block of 3 lessons in the afternoon offering the opportunity to use modern teaching styles and hands on approaches. The afternoon lessons are mainly used for projects, extracurricular activities and remedial lessons.

Thanks to the timetable and the additional support given by the educational assistants therapies can be integrated in the school day and lessons without leaving the pupils at a loss when trying to catch up with their classmates.

Chemistry Club
Computer Club
Chess Club

Highlights in the school year are the annual talent show, the sports- and games festival and class trips. Once a year, a language week takes place introducing the pupils to the basics of at least one additional language. During the last two years the pupils could have a go at Russian, Spanish, French and even Chinese. They did not only learn some first basic words, but also got an insight into the culture and traditional cuisine of these countries.

Be a star!
Whatever the weather - class trips are fun!
Now we know a little bit of French!

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