Special Events

School enrollment day

The first highlight in each school year is the day when we celebrate the enrollment of the year 1 pupils. They are always very excited, but also a bit nervous about how school will be.

Fairytales for children in December

Every second year the teachers act out fairytales for the pupils. The fairytales are often changed a bit and very funny. Read what one of our pupils said about it:

Advent coral concert

Music plays an important role in December. We start school on Monday mornings with a couple of Christmas carols. In the last week before Christmas the Advent coral concert takes place twice. The first concert is for the children in primary school, and the second concert is for the children in secondary school and in the learning development department. It is an event where the pupils can sing, play an instrument, recite a poem or act out a scene or a fairy tale. It`s open for everybody and it's always a lot of fun.

Carnivals Day

In February we celebrate Carnivals Day. It's always a lot of fun, especially for the younger children. They dress up in fancy costumes, and a local carnival's club performs at our school. In the afternoon we have a disco. That is what the older pupils normally like best about Carnival's day.

Talent Show

Once a year, a talent show takes place. Children sing, dance, recite poems, tell jokes or perform whatever they are good at. It is always a surprise to see how talented your friends and schoolmates are.

School Celebration

Every second year, in May, we organize a big school celebration. All classes have to prepare a booth where children and visitors can do a little quiz, play games or do handicrafts. Of course, food and drinks are also sold. And, there is a lot of music. It's an exciting day for everyone.

Sports- and Games Festival

Another highlight of the school year is our sports- and games festival. It takes place every summer. All the pupils are very nervous and try to give their best. Everybody has to compete in different compulsory disciplines, such as 100 meters run and shot-put. The best of us will be awarded a certificate. Some disciplines are just for fun, like balancing a balloon on two sticks. Most of us love the wheelchair slalom. It's easy for the wheelchair users, but very hard for the others.

Graduation Ceremony

When it comes to the end of the school year, it is always also time to say goodbye to the ones who leave. Graduation ceremony is the evening when the graduates receive their credentials. It's an important day in their life, so they put their best clothes on. And, all the teachers come to congratulate. Our head teacher gives a speech and some classes and pupils do a little performance.

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